Friday, July 13, 2012

Bar Spinning With a Brake

   A few posts back I wrote about mounting a cog on the disc brake rotor mounts. This is another project for the same bike. I wanted to put a front brake on that bike, since it's a fixed gear and riding without brakes is dangerous and reckless. Here is what I came up with:

   First off, the old fork had to come off. I'm not sure what the preferred method of removing a fork race is, but I've ben doing it like this for a while and it hasn't damaged the fork, race or tool:

Chisel and a dead blow hammer

A few well placed taps and the race is off and ready to go on the new fork, care of the Pro's Closet:

Niner Reynolds Rigid

In the middle of this, I also replaced the black headset cups with red ones. With the same hammer and a large flathead screwdriver, I tapped out the old cups. 

Tap tap tappy

Not shown is the same process in reverse, the tapping in of the new cups, albiet without the screwdriver, only the hammer. Looks like this at the end:

Black and red!

I wanted to run the brake housing and cable down the steer tube, so that I could do a barspin without tangling up the cable... and Here's how that's done. Drill a hole in the star nut for the cable to pass through:

Making quite a mess

Drill a hole in the top cap also for the cable to go through:

The lower left hole

That's pretty much it. The cable and housing run down through the steer tube, out the bottom and around the wheel, and connects to the brake.

All done!

Back View

Since the cable runs through the steer tube, the bars can go around and around without any problem. Bar spins are popular on bikes with a fixed gear because you can do a wheelie and then impress your friends further by spinning your handlebars around!

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