Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pro Cycling Challenge Day 2

The first day of the Pro Cycling Challenge is over, and the second day is under way! Here are some fun facts from yesterday's race:

  • The first stage was 126 miles long
  • There was 10,900 feet of climbing
  • There are no time bonuses in this event
  • 6 riders abandoned in day one, meaning that they can not return to the race
  • The race did not ride through Telluride last year, this is the first time it's been there (as well as Boulder in a week)
  • Tyler Ferrar won the sprint on day one, bringing the leaders jersey to a Boulder based team and a rider from the US! USA! USA!
  • Mavic has a neutral support vehicle following the race, which is unusual for an American race. The usually stick to the European races.
  • Some of the guys on Garmin are riding the Cervelo R5, a regular super bike. It was developed last year, is made of some kind of very modern carbon and has is no graphics or paint. Apparently they're highly exclusive, so much so that they are only under a few Garmin riders. keep an eye out for them, they are recognizable by the complete lack of graphics.
  • Day two route from Montrose to Crested Butte:
Map of the routes

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