Monday, August 20, 2012

Pro Cycling Challgenge Day 1 + DIY Headset Tool

Hello Cycling fans! Today marks the first day of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in my home state of Colorado.

This is the second year of the race, and it promises to be another awesome race. Today's stage is from Durango to Telluride with a couple climbs in the middle and then a long one at the very end. For commentary, check out this link, and for a full race rundown, look at the official website.
   In other news, I have been working on building up my bike tool collection. I have always used a hammer and a large flat head screw driver to remove headset cups. A real headset removal tool will do less damage and be easier. The real tool is nothing specail, and I thought I'd whip one up.
Step 1: I went to Home Depot and bought some 3/4" pipe, and a cap, and a new hacksaw.
Step 2: I had a delicious cheddar dog outside the Home Depot
Step 3: Cut it down the top:

Metal saw dust EVERYWHERE

Step 4: Gently bent the sides out with some pliers:

Step 5: Put the cap on. Now all I need is a headset to remove!

Final Product

I think that next order of business is a headset press, then I can take the cups in and out over and over all day long.

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