Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stage 5

Stage 5 was from Breckenridge to Colorado Springs, going over Hoosier Pass early in the stage, and then a long flat race into the Springs. A couple friends and I took of Thursday night and headed up there to camp and then watch the race the next morning. The evenings shenanigans took a turn for the .. . boozy I guess, but it was an awesome time!

Drink up bitches

The next morning, we costumed up! We were about a half mile form the top, so that we could run with them without getting in anyone's way. We also watched a train of fans riding up to the sprint point at the top. This was like bike porn! Tons of classic road bikes, mountain bikes and full carbon rides going by. Here's our spot as a couple fellow fans cruise by:

The dino hoody and the one piece ski suit

Here's the leaders coming up, they were flying, we couldn't run as fast as they were climbing:


After that we rolled into Breck to check out the rest of the stage on TV and the goings on there. Then it was back to Boulder for the Flagstaff Stage. Keep an eye out for that post tomorrow!

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