Monday, August 27, 2012


Stage 6 of the Pro Cycling Challenge this year culminated on Flagstaff Mountain outside of Boulder, CO. It was apparently a big deal for the city of Boulder to allow this event to take place. But man, was it worth it! the wifey and I went up early, and ended up next to the Sports Garage guys who had some thumpin' beats going:

Before the onslaught

It didn't take long for the place to fill right up! It was a super popular spot:

Everyone lining up

Looking back up the hill at Natalie and Randi, cheering the other spectators heading up to the top of the  stage to watch.

Show some leg!

Once the racers started coming up, everything went nuts! people were, sometimes offensively, excited. But overall the enthusiasm was contagious, and we had the best time. here's someone in the breakout flying by:

The face of pain

After the madness that is apparently professional cycling came through, we started walking back down.  It was somewhat surreal to be walking down the middle of Flagstaff with thousands of other fans, and see people all the way down by Chautauqua. 

The fans go marching one by one...

This was a pretty fun day, great fans and awesome racing. The next day, we'd be off to Denver for the final time trial!

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