Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stage 7: The Final Time Trial

Last Sunday was the last day of the Pro Cycling Challenge. The last stage was an exciting time trial in Denver. The race format is usually included in a large stage race like this, but usually in the middle. This made for an exciting last day, as the riders had 9 miles to have their last word in the race. We had a great spot picked out by Geoff, the resident Denver native where we could see the riders coming and going. Here is Levi leipheimer, the leader after a great race on stage 6, coming up a short hill:

Yellow jersey, coming through

The racers crested a short hill coming East, then Came back by going West. The hill was a great way to tell if a rider was killing it or not. This is Christian Vandvander Velde on his way to a great time:

Vandvander Velde 

I was skeptical if this time trial was going to be exciting to watch, but it was very enjoyable! we got to see a bunch of guys go by, and with every racer we knew the leaders were getting closer and closer. Well, as we bid farewell to the Pro Cycling Challenge, we can only hope that the course, fans and support that the teams and racers got was enough to keep them coming back for another race!

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