Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweet BMX Frame from Phoenix

Stumbled across this frame on eBay... it's a pretty cool design. It's called a Phoenix Talon, and here are some renderings form their site, shamelessly taken from bike rumor:

Here's the actual frame. The welds do look a little rougher than the rendering, but it makes sense, as CNC welding the shapes in the renderings would probably be cost prohibitive. I kind of like the welds anyway, gives it some depth:

Looks fast!

I love the removable dropouts and seat tube! This bike has a lot of cool looking geometry. It reminds me of a crazier version of the Intense Podium except less radical:

BMX time!

When I first found these, it reminded me of the Visp frames. They're very cool, but they are mass produced in China, and some of the quality is a little suspect: 

Track bike extraordinaire?

But according to the Phoenix site, these frames are made in the USA, and based on the price, they are not mass produced, but almost a little boutique job. What fun it would be to take a few laps on this bike!

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