Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tubular Tires for a Clincher Rim

Was up at Geoff's new place the other day and stopped in a small bike shop to check the place out. it's called Chocolate Spokes Bike Studio and it's right across from Geoff and Amy's and liquor store. What more could you ask for!? The guy inside was nice and showed us this pretty cool tire I'd never seen before:

Teh future?

 This is a tubular tire made to go onto a clincher rim. A tubular tire is a tube, completely enclosed in a tire that you glue onto a smooth rim surface. The alternative, what most people are familiar with, is an open tire that seats on the hooked edges of the rim with a tube stuffed inside it. Graphic? You bet:

Clincher                                   Tubular

Tubulars are lighter and can hold more air pressure, but are more expensive and (arguably) harder to change. Anyway, Now you can get a tubular tire, that will work on a clincher rim. Pretty cool if you're looking for the advantages of a tubular without having to get new wheels.

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