Friday, October 26, 2012

F29 Fork Rebuild - The Daily Grind

   Get ready for a detail post! So my fork has been increasingly acting like a pogo stick as of late. I did a little research for it and learned that changing of the seals and oil can not only improve performance, it will prolong the life of your fork! First, I ordered a seal kit for my fork, the painfully long-named 'Fox F29 FIT RLC'. In order to get at the guts of the fork, I first had to take off a top cap:

Right side top cap

The problem I had with the top cap was that it has a very low profile wrench flats, and a large socket has a lip on the bottom:
Cutaway of socket

The top cap is soft (light) aluminum, and if you try to use a wrench or something, it is likely you'll damage the top cap. What I ended up doing was grinding off the top of the socket so that the tool and the top cap would match perfectly:

Grinders are FUN

With this set up, the tool matched up well and the top caps came off easily.

Matching up well!

Removing the top cap

Ready for the next step!

 I'm going to spare you the next few steps, but rest assured that it involved pulling all the parts out of the  forks, cleaning them up, and then putting it back together. I replaced the seals, which keep the oil on the right side of the fork.  Finally, I filled the fork with all new oil.

Half way through deconstruction

Once everything was apart, it wasn't too much work to clean and re-lube everything. The seal kit only consisted of two seals and two foam washers, and Fox's web site had great step by step instructions on how to tackle it all. Threw everything back together, and after a couple rides, I really noticed the difference!

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