Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Revolutionizing Chainrings! (not really)

   Hello! It's been a while between posts, but I am actually in Australia for work!

The view from work

Everything here is about the same as it is in the States... funny accents, everyone is real friendly but beer isn't as good. So! On to some Australian  bicycle stuff!

   I was browsing the internets the other day, and an ad came up about a new Australian (fittingly) chainring company. This product is a singular chainring for running with a 1x9 or 1x10 system. This is an increasingly popular way to setting up a mountain bike, as a single front ring. What this company is doing is offering some of the less common numbers of teeth.

A couple of things that I'm not sure about, according to the website: lightweight and revolutionary. I don't thing that selling uncommon tooth number chainrings are revolutionary, unless you mean that they actually make revolutions. Second, lightweight, yeah, maybe without the dual chain guides. This prompted the following discussion:

                  Geoffrey: yeah...
                  i don't see this as a revolution.
                  i can say the same thing about a single speed
                  why use 9 gears
                  when you are riding you are only using that one. save
                  weight, get rid of the rest
                  me: haha good point
                  and you're often standing, why have a seat?
                  sometimes you're not riding at all, you're at work or
                  having sex. why even have a bike?
                  this becomes an existential conversation fast.
                  Geoffrey: haha!
                  me: i'm making this conversation a blog post
                  Geoffrey: make it happen!
                  me: which will be redundant since you're the only
                  person who reads my blog
                  Geoffrey: eh, its a good read

Well there you have it. What may be interesting is to see if this company caters to the SRAM XX1 system 1x11 drivetrain coming out soon...

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