Monday, November 19, 2012

New House Project - Garage Workbench

   Natalie and I recently moved into a larger place, and also a larger garage! Gone are the days of climbing over bikes to get other bikes and digging through tools to get other tools. One of the first things this place needed was some place to work. The condo has a great bench and some shelves, and this place doesn't have a lot.
   Project one was a work bench. This is the space I started with:

The only clean corner

   This is where the existing shitty shelves were and we are putting in an awesome workbench! First we went to Home Depot and had a pretty fun time picking out what we wanted it to be made out of. Next, came home and started cutting and screwing everything together. 
   This is the frame and the legs, screwed to the wall: 

Half way there

   And here it is all wrapped up! Initially I had wanted to build angled upports so it would be a bit cleaner, but the brackets were tearing into the drywall and the whole idea was just falling apart around me. Enter good wife Natalie to suggest we.... don't do that idea and do something simple. That's why this thing has the legs on the end. Much easier to build, strong as can be and leaves a bunch of space underneath for stuff. Screwed on a couple layers of work surface and we are ready to rock!

Final product

Next we started work on some cubbies we saw in a friend's garage. These are for us to keep our bike gear and other stuff in. They went in pretty easy... a few modifications here and there, but overall pretty straightforward. 

The next thing is a pretty massive bike hanging project! Stay tuned for the garage opening party invite!

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