Friday, November 16, 2012

Sexy New Cannondale SI Chainrings

I am a bit of a Cannondale Whore. Yes, I am. Now that that's out of the way, check out this awesome new chainring tech. Cannondale has taken producing their own components really far recently, with in-house stems, seat posts, handlebars, hubs and cranks. This is the next hot thing form the crank department.The SISL crank may look unusual because it had no chainring bolts!


The larger and smaller chainring are both made from one piece of aluminum, creating a strong, light unit. A standard chainring set looks like this:

Chainring bolts shown

This is actually 3 pieces: 2 chainrings and what's called a spider, that attaches them to the rest of the crank. By removing the excess parts you save weight and the one piece design will flex less. The claimed weight of the new system is a scant 484 grams for the whole crankset! Of course this limits what you can run if you like unusual combinations of chainrings, but the options available should please most riders.

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