Monday, December 31, 2012

Painting a room!

   As this blog shifts from bikes and beer to bikes and home improvements, you can expect to see more of this kind of post: Painting a room! ... now with more beer! We are in the process of painting the little guy's room, and here's the process. First off, I masked all the areas we didn't want to paint. Here are some tips that I learned:

1. Clean all surfaces before painting and taping
2. Use a low adhesive tape like blue painters tape
3. Make sure tape is firmly attached to keep paint from seeping behind it*
4. Take it off as soon as the paint is dry

*The tape did let paint seep behind it, and it was really frustrating to see little mistakes here and there. I think I should have used a stickier tape, and made sure it was sealed better before painting.

Masking the windows and corners

Next we took off the wall plates and light switch and stuff. Natalie working a screwdriver:

Funny that screwing is what made this room a necessity

And here's the room all blue! It's not a very overpowering blue, and has a little grey in it. It dried a little lighter than it was looking at first. I'm happy with the color, and especially happy with how it looks compared to the trees!

Like a blank canvas

   I first sketched the trees onto the wall with a pencil. Afterwards Natalie mentioned that chalk would have made for easier clean up. Next time! I had also read that people masked stuff like this off and then painted, but that sounded like a lot of work, so we're just painting it by hand:

Painters tools

Natalie hard at work

 And here's the final product! In the daytime you can really see the trees outside, which are also aspen trees, and it makes it look really nice!

Ta da!

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