Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Target Fixie

   Have a nice look at the Magna Fix'd. This sweet puppy is economy bicycle company Magna's three legged horse in the Fixed Gear Cup.

The Fix'd get's photo'd

   You may recall that target has also gotten into the 29er market with this sweet ride spotted earlier this last year. This fixed gear seems a little harder to screw up and will probably make some people with limited bike budget really happy. How limited? This baby sells for a thrifty $109.99
   One thing that I found confusing was the signage:

28" ...hybrid?

   While the hybrid part is a mystery to me, I thought 28" referred to some kind of wheel measurement. Perhaps to the outside of the tire? Nope, just a standard 700c tire. 

Angry birds gloves not included

   Apparently 28" refers to the frame size, which is still confusing. I think it's like a rider inseam measurement. Other notable features include the rear wheel, which surprisingly has a flip flop hub, and the weight, which was unsurprisingly substantial. This bike could be the punchline to many a 'Yo Moma so Fat...' jokes. At least they equipped it with brakes. Once you get this thing moving I imagine it's hard to stop.

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Anonymous said...

700x38c = 700MM diameter (approximate w/tire) and 3.8 cm tread width. 700 MM eqaul just over 27.5". A.K.A. rounded up to 28"