Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rolling Workbench

 In the never ending quest to organize our new place, I have been working on some fun ways to make the garage space efficient and usable. A few weeks ago in this post I wrote about the workbench and cubbies we put in. This rolling workbench goes at the end of it. Here's the layout:

Pretty straightforward!

I started by building a couple square frames the depth of the bench and 36" wide:

Upside down

The floor is nice and flat so I used it with a large framing square to make sure everything was nice and straight. Pre-drilling all the holes was an important step in keeping the wood from splitting. Once I had the legs on, it was starting to take more shape:

Ready to flip

The top work surface went on pretty slick, but the bottom had to have some notches cut out of it to fit around the legs:

Notched corners

The bottom shelf serves two purposes: It is additional storage as well as provides a lot of stability to the whole structure. And here it is in place! 

All done

Last thing was to put wheels on the bottom so it can roll around easily. It was built for about 5 minutes and already being used! 

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