Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bicycle Chariot Races? Awesome level: 92/100

    I stumbled across this gem over on In celebration of Rome's 2,762 birthday, the organizers have been having some fun with a chariot race for the masses. Gone are the horses and weapons - these chariots are pedal driven!

Faster! you pale steeds

Navigating the downhills seems a challenge

   Turns out this is not an uncommon thing. Here are some other folks working like horses in their own pedal-chariots.

Working with one another           Crashing into one another

Gives 'cutting off' another rider a new meaning

Cyclocross chariot racing is the next logical step

   Seems like many of these are modified 55 gallon drums with wheels. My opinion? I LOVE IT! and in the interest of trying all types of cycling, I feel like this is the next logical step. Who wants to be my horses?

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