Tuesday, February 5, 2013

House Project: Wireless TV

   ...and by wireless I mean hidden wires. When we moved in, we hung our TV on the wall in the basement, and had the cable box on the floor under it. This wasn't a very clean looking set up, so last weekend, out came the drill!

2" hole saw

   This part was scary - drilling a large hole in perfectly good drywall. What worked out well was that behind the wall the TV is on was a utility closet. This way we had plenty of room for the cable box and stuff. 

*TV shown larger than actual size

   After drilling the big scary hole, I stuck a plastic finishing piece from a desk top into the hole. I figured this way the wires wouldn't rub on the drywall and make the hole larger or jagged. 

Finishing ring

   Natalie bought a small receiver thing that would amplify the remote to work from behind the wall. This slick thing makes it so you don't even have to point the remote at anything, just start mashing buttons and it works.

Flying saucer

   After that, just poked the wired through and then moved everything into the closet behind the TV.

All Done!

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