Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Carbon-Ceramic Brake Rotors

   Check out this (sort-of) new product from Kettle Cycles. Everyone wants a lighter bike, and when you've already carboned out everything you can... handlebars, seat post, stem, even brake levers... what's left?
   Lots of these parts of are trickle down from motorsports, and the subject of this post is no different! Take a look at some examples:

2010 Porsche 911 with ceramic rotor

(Unknown motorcycle) with ceramic-carbon rotor

   That's right, ceramic-carbon brake rotors! Man, these things must be lighter than a pair of panties and sexier than another pair of panties! Check out these shots form the Kettle website:

SiCCC two piece rotor

SiCCC mounted up

   Kettle also makes a one piece rotor:

SFL SiCCC one piece rotor

   Judging from the pics on the site, these babies are designed to be ran on a downhill bike. The multiple materials would provide "Silicon Carbide for bite, Ceramic for heat management, Carbon fiber for strength." They claim you can adjust the feel with variances in the pad thickness. The material is claimed to have no changes in performance under heavy use. They are pretty new, so reviews on them are scarce, but I can tell you that this project started as a Kickstarter
   We'll have to keep an eye out for some more reports on their performance!

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