Thursday, February 7, 2013

Peter Sagan's Custom SuperSix EVO

   What we have here is Peter Sagan's custom Cannondale SuperSix EVO. What is interesting about this frame is that it's a custom carbon frame, mating a rear end from a 54cm to the front end of a 58cm. This gives a short back end, with a longer top tube and some added reach. Why? Because he's the the tournimator, that's why.

Victory tastes good

   Here's our hero's whip:

SuperSix EVO custom 54-58cm

   And here's a shot of a standard 58cm from our good friends over at ebay:

SuperSix EVO 58cm

   These images may not convey it properly, so here's a composite:


   What's interesting about this is that you need a special mold to build a frame, since every size has it's own mold. So building this wasn't as easy as lopping off the back of a 54 and gluing it on the front of a 58. Here's a carbon frame mold:


   So, to get this bike to have two parts, the mold has to be specially made to work with this size. Sagan is a talented rider, and Cannondale must believe that he's got what it takes to support him with this rocket ship of a bike!

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