Wednesday, April 3, 2013

26... 29... 36???

   With the recent popularity of 29 inch mountain bikes, and even more companies getting into the 650b market, it really opens the doors for unique and awesome bikes. How about this, the wily 36er:

The Pofahl 36er

   When considering a 36er, what do you have to get custom? Well, pretty much everything. The frame, fork and wheels for starters. There are companies that are specializing in this kind of thing, although the market is still pretty thin. Companies like make custom wheel and spoke cutting in the UK.
   One of the first companies to popularize the 36 inch wheel size was Coker. This bad boy is the hottest thing on the beach.

The Coker Monster Cruiser

    The large wheels aren't as strange on a cruiser, but, man on a mountain bike, the effect is a little jarring.

   Oh what's that? 36" wheels aren't enough? Well check this puppy out:

Triple Titanic

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