Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday WTF: Ruin any Shoes!

   This Friday's WTF comes from a link a friend sent me. These guys are making a bolt on plate for your street shoes to make them into clipless shoes. For example - here's some kind of Nike high top made into a clipless shoe. Great for those days when you want to hit the court, and ride your fixie, and do neither well.


   The next example is a dress shoe ruined with a clipless mount. 

Stylish Stupid

   Why would you be riding a fixed gear in a suit? This is a serious question... I can't think of a reason. 

"The line to kick our asses starts over there."

   Finally, why not add a cleat to the softest soled shoes on the market? This is one step away from just bolting the clips right to your feet.

Converse 'the-crash-resulting-from-these-shoes-will-make-you-see' Stars

   One large reason you wear cleats is because you want a good power transfer to your pedals, which is the result of a firm sole. Casual shoes do not have a firm sole. In my opinion, you're just one short step to this:

Clipless... sandals?

   ... and inevitably, this:

Pinacle of cool.

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Unknown said...

Dude, those are awesome looking. And I have a pair of the Keen clipless sandals with Crank Bros, which are also awesome.