Monday, May 13, 2013

House Project: Side Table

   Hot on the heels of the announcement that we have a new member of the Hecht Cycling Team, Here's another house project: The side table for the glider in the baby's room. I got this idea from some image searching on Google. Here's what we started with:

Printed out plans for the table

   I drew the table up in Sketchup and then printed them out 1:1. This way I could trace the shapes that I wanted to cut out.
   Once I had all the pieces cut out, I started glueing and clamping them all together. The wood glue worked great for this, creating a strong bond! Not unlike the strong bond between a baby and parent...

Table legs clamped

   Here I am glueing the legs to the base. The important thing when glueing like this is to have the glue set under pressure, so I would often put weight on the top of the parts. You can kind of see the clamps in the middle, holding everything together.

Legs glued on

   The final product:

   The result has a few rough edges, but still functional and not bad looking! And most importantly, it functions nicely as a table. Holds stuff off the ground really well. 

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