Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WTF men's health?

   No one is claiming that Men's Health is a metric on cool, but this certainly solidifies their place as 'dorky'. They had an article recently on the best summer sports stuff. Here's the list:

1. Tennis racket
2. V-Lite trail running shoes by Hi-Tech
3. Squash Racket (my faith in this list begins to falter here)
4. Cricket Bat
5. Mammut Jacket (slightly redeeming)
6. Taylor Made Driver
7. Keen Cycling sandals

Let me repeat that last one for those not listening:

7. Keen Cycling sandals

I'm no expert, but sandals and clipless pedals go together like oil and water THEY DON'T.

Best is a loose term here...

   Hey, we all love getting our toes smashed by rocks and sticks. Truth in advertising:

   Think this is a good idea? This is you:

"Where's ma bicycle at?"

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