Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 CX Nationals!

   This last weekend the Cyclocross National Championships took place here in Boulder. What an exciting event! I was able to watch the Collegiate Div 1 and 2 races and the Jrs. No pro's sadly, but here are some awesome pics form the races:

   I overheard a couple guys mention that the Valmont run up was one of the longest in the country. Boom!

The run up

   This downhill is usually done in a a few switchbacks. Not this time - straight down they went. And down some went! There was a pretty sizable dip in the middle as well that was making things extra tricky.

The big hill from the top

From the bottom

   There was also a terrible ditch crossing, featured in another post. The exit had riders coming out and catching air, some against their will. Not Alex Ryan - this guy was putting on a show! (picture thanks to Bill Davis, who doesn't leave the ground like this unless he's secured his tray table and put his seat in the upright and locked position first.)

RAD (1986) eat your heart out

   Conclusion: It was a fantastic race and a great venue! 

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