Wednesday, January 15, 2014


   So we all have opinions about stuff, right? Well, the Angry Single Speeder over at MTBR sure has his own. Usually I like his reviews and occasionally, I love them. The other day he called out fat bike riders on having a narrow use and not shaving. He summed it up nicely with this quote:

"Fat bikes are like boats – it’s less expensive and more fun to make friends with somebody who owns one than to actually own one yourself."

A.S.S. in action (MTBR, photo)

   Jump over to BikeRumor, which I read a much as I can, and you see this article:  'Hate Fatbikes? You're doing it wrong.' This writer's opinion is that Fat Bikes have their use and everyone should see that and appreciate that change is not bad. He summed it up nicely with this quote:

"While not for everyone, fatbikes aren’t just a passing fad."

Can't do this on a regular bike (BikeRumor, photo)

   I think this user summed it up nicely in the comments on BikeRumor:

"Fat bikes are ok… They (sic) annoying people who ride them, not so much. Just ride it, I’m sick of hearing about how it changed your life."

   My 2 cents? If you are can go a few days without riding when it's snowing and there's not a lot of sand around, a fatbike isn't really necessary. But I do love a good old fashioned 'Open letter to...' argument! 

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