Monday, February 24, 2014

NSA Edition: Privacy Fence Around the Hot Tub

   Been a while since we had a house project! With the addition of our new hot tub (we got a hot tub), it was also time for some privacy. Can't have all the neighbors looking in on our bubbly fun. Here's the privacy fence I built:

Step 1 - Select your your lattice. I went with the more closely spaced lattice (left), for more privacy.

Wide  -  narrow

Step 2 - Setting up the posts. I buried pressure treated 4"x4" posts 18" in the ground at 8' apart. I also bought a post hole digger for this project so if you need one let me know. 

1/2 way done

Step 3 - Hang the lattice. I stuck some 1"x1" onto the 4"x4" posts to make a place to hold the lattice and look nice, like this:

Lattice attachment

   This way it was firmly attached and didn't look like lattice screwed to a board. Here's the final product:

All done!

   The lattice provides a nice bit of privacy from the neighbors, and as you can see, we have quite a growing collection of lattice in our yard. 


Kim H. said...

First Class! Looks good and nicely finished. (from Dad)

Kim H. said...

I agree! Can't wait to see it. :)