Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tire Balls (You Read That Right)

   This little piece of tech comes from a few years back at Interbike: Tire Balls.

Tire balls in action

   The idea comes from ATV use and is supposed to help against pinch flats as well as lose less air over the life of the tire. You fill them with a needs like a basketball. On some forums you can read about guys putting tennis balls in dirt bike front tires before the balls were purpose built.

Couple outstanding questions:

  • How does the tire pressure relate to a regular tube (is 20psi in all balls the same as 20psi in a tube?)
  • Are they heavier than a regular tube?
  • When one goes flat, do the rest move around?

    It seems like an application for enduro or downhill riders who are experiencing harder impacts. I guess it's a sign that the article os from 2007 and they haven't taken over the industry.

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