Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bikes + Coffee

   While in Oakland a few weeks ago, I had a chance to check out a farmers market. The farmers markets in CA are a lot different than the ones in Colorado. In addition to a lot more vegetables, this farmers market had a pretty cool mobile coffee shop set up:

Bicycle Coffee Co

   So the Bicycle Coffee Co is a coffee shop that sets up at events like this, and gets everything there via bicycle. Awesome! Here's a few pics of their set up:

Tables / trailers

Tent and another trailer

One of the bikes

   So the cool thing was that a lot of the trailers served as counter space as well. One of the guys there was super friendly and explained all about how they break everything down and haul it around. He said the water was the biggest hassle since it's so heavy (fixed gear BTW).
   In addition to a cool business model, they brew a mean cup of coffee (according to Natalie, to whom I defer to for that kind of decision)
  In addition to both of those things, they had a pretty cool bike on display. This is a bike from 14BikeCo out of London. 

14 Bike Co

   This was a rad fixed gear set up for urban riding. Nice tall headset and beefy frame. It was jsut a good, clean bike that made me want to ride it. So we got a coffee, some strawberries, and saw a cool bike company! Good day!

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