Monday, March 24, 2014

New Bike Post!

Bike post?

   No, no not that. A new bicycle! With Calvin getting more and more mobile, we recently decided to get a cargo bike. This way we can travel together comfortably all summer. Since Cannondale doesn't make a cargo bike, Natalie and I had to do a lot of research. We didn't want to end up on something like this:

  We looked at several styles. Here are three common styles of cargo bike, with the cargo in several places:

   We decided the bakfiet ('bok feet') would be the best because Calvin can ride in the front and we can talk to and see him. Next - what brand to buy...
   There are a lot of differences in these bikes. Most were steel, had a pretty upright seating position (common for this kind of bike), had a drum brake, and no thought for weight. A local store had a Metrofiets on display, and in a weird sales tactic wouldn't sell it without an electric assist.
   Shortly after that, Natalie found this company in Portland that sold several kinds of cargo bike.

   What was better is they had a couple demo models on close out! JACKPOT. We ended up with the Larry vs Harry Bullitt Superfly. Here's the unboxing:

Fully assembled!

   And here's the bike ready to go!

White rocket

There were several things that I like about the Bullitt over other options:
  • Aluminum frame (comes in 40 pounds lighter than the next bike)
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • 11 speed internal hub
  • XT front hub
  • Stout construction and aggressive riding position
  • The owners of Splendid were super cool and supportive
  All in all, I'm stoked with this bike, and super excited to get a box on it and start carrying around the family!

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