Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday WTF: Cargo... Scooter?

   With our recent purchase of a cargo bike, I have been on the lookout for other neat cargo bike related news. Enter Nimble Scooters. These guys build a scooter with a similar style as a cargo bicycle.

Cargo bike

Cargo scooter

   Their model is for people looking to carry groceries and small items on your scooter. They suggest you can take the scooter where you can't take a bike, like the grocery store. Both a cargo bike and a regular bicycle with bags are heavy and awkward. The Nimble Scooter is lighter and more manageable than a cargo bike and available at a lower cost.
   Take it to the job site:

"Build for industry."

   I see two problems with this thing, 1. The long and low build will drag on the smallest of bumps, 2. the cargo bike is hard to ride, a scooter seems like it would be twitchy and unstable. Still, I'd really like to ride one of these!

"Want to crash our way to yoga?"


Opticien24 said...

Hey Adam, this is Alix from Nimble Scooters. Thanks for your feedback! Where are you located, maybe you can test ride one yourself? I think you'll find our cargo scooter to be more stable than you think, especially when its loaded. It kind of feels like cruising on a longboard. Thanks for posting about us.

Adam Hecht said...

Hi Alix, great to hear from you! Nothing says more about a product than an employee reaching out. I'm in Boulder, CO, and would really like to ride one of these. Are there any retailers that sell them in the Denver / Boulder area?

aliks said...

Hi Adam, well, as a partner of the company I want to make sure our product is well understood, and look for feedback where I can. We currently do not have any retailers in Boulder, as we are just starting out. If you have any bicycle stores or outdoor shops that you think might be interested in our scooters, then we can try to make that happen! If you'd like, you can contact me directly by e-mail through our website via our contacts page for suggestions of shops, or sign up to our newsletter to be updated by our travels across the country. Have you seen our video of the scooter in Paris?