Friday, May 23, 2014

Baby Cage

   Our house has a great little space that Calvin has all his town and stuffed animals and things in. The problem is he can easily escape this area. Good thing I'm smarter than an 11 month old. Here is what his play space looks like:

Kitchen adjacent

   After some practice with cardboard:

Early stages

.. I went ahead and built the real deal out of wood. Here's the SketchUp model:

Frame and sheathing

   No project would be complete without a trip to The Home Depot for wood. It was great to have the guy there cut it because their saw made a bunch of equal and straight cuts.

Hard at work

   We have a nice soft rug in there the little wall had to go over the top of, so i notched out the wood. This kept the wall level, and kept it from sliding around. 

Notched part

   The thing is about 20" tall, so Calvin can stand up to it and see everything going on without escaping climb over. It also keeps the dog from coming in and licking the baby too much. 

From the inside

From the kitchen

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