Monday, May 19, 2014

First Race of the Season and Some Cool Tech

    A couple weeks ago I went to Littleton and raced in the Battle the Bear.  This was a different race than normal for me as it was an endurance race. Not a lot of technical stuff, but long! This one came in just under 32 miles (that's nearly 4000 road miles).


   The format was 3 ten mile loops, which was really cool. I liked knowing what was coming in the last lap. Other than that, it was a fairly flat and fast race. I took 26/38 in the 30-39 open. Acceptable for first race of the year.
   One of the cool thing about this race was the timing system - a chip integrated into your number plate. It was a little throw away piece that was embedded in a piece of foam on the back.



Chip pulled out

   So much better than a strap around your head tube! 

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natalie. said...

4,000 road miles? What is your conversion method?