Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday WTF: Cyclocross Shoes?

   Came across this on eBay: Puma shoes made to look like bike shoes, right down to the velcro fastener, and faux cleat screw holes. 

Puma Cyclocross

   The listing: "Take a modern spin on the traditional weekend sneaker with the Cyclocross from Puma."

New Puma Mens Cyclocross White/Black fashion-sneakers US 13 NIB

   The thing that gets me is:
  • CX racers use, you know, mountain bike shoes since you have to get off and run and the ratchet system is more secure
  • CX racers use mountain bike cleats, like SPD or TIME, not a 3 bolt pattern road cleat
   Swing and a miss, Puma. 

Puma marketing dept hard at work

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