Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mondraker Podium

   Check out this sweet ride from Mondraker: The Podium.

   On paper this is like any other hard tail XC bike - tapered fork, 100mm travel, some code name for hi-mod carbon, PF 30 BB, thru axle in the back. What sets it apart is the styling! Which is very cool. Kind of looks like the Look I wrote about a while back.


   The company has existed for a decade or so, but recently started making these killer mountain bikes. The first eye catching bike of theirs was the Summom,  a DH bike built in your dreams:


   The Podium definitely will turn some heads. Here's a couple parting shots.

Stem close up


   Now that your'e all amped up to go ride, take a look at the abysmal forecast for the next week and join me in a collective sigh.


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