Monday, November 3, 2014

Patio Project Part 1 - Old Deck and New Condo

   This week I'm going to be posting every day, and it's going to be a project post! This summer, I re did our back yard. This was tearing out the old deck and putting in a paver patio.  Here is the fruit of my labor: 

Final product (and Max)

   First things first - tore out the existing deck. Here's what we had:

Existing deck

Existing deck part 2

   It was fine, but small and kind of falling apart. On the 4th of July, out it came. This project was made much easier with the use of a 36" crowbar and a sledgehammer. You'll notice the house is still yellow. We wanted to get the deck out so the new paint had good coverage.

Top layer off

   Everything came apart pretty well. the boards under the desk were pretty rough. This was going to have to happen sooner or later.

Semi rotted out structure

Just the planter box remaining

   The 4runner is the real hero in this project, from trips to the dump and hauling blocks from Home Depot.

1/3 of the deck at the dump

   Cue the interrupting project. Our tenants moved out of the condo and we decided to update the place a bit. Here are the After pics:

New Hearth

   New tile, carpet, fridge, cabinetry, and fireplace. It looks really nice now.

Backsplash and stove hood

   This was inconvenient timing, but turned out ok, as we were able to make some needed updates to the place and get some new tenants and they are awesome. Next post - the patio begins!

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