Monday, November 17, 2014

Wall Painting Number 2

   With #2 on the way it's about time to start decorating. With the nursery, we painted some nice trees on the wall. I think we'll go ahead and update that with some leaves and additional colors. In the meantime, here is what happened to Calvin's new room. Eventually I predict that both boys will share this room, so I want to put more effort into making it look really nice. 
   Here is the art I picked for the wall:

Original drawing

   First I measured the wall and figured out where the light and corner and stuff would go. I would have to add some height to the tree and round out the top to make it look right. I also added a 12" x 12" grid to make transferring the art to the wall easier. 

Modified drawing

   I reduced the colors down to about 12. I am not real confident in blending colors so this is kind of color by number. I searched for a better name for this but couldn't come up with one. 


   Once I had the colors picked, I went to Home Depot to get the right paint colors. I printed this little color sheet to take with me:

Color Chart

   I bought these little paint samples, which worked fine, but I think in the future I'd try tot get something a little thicker. Some of the lighter colors needed multiple coats to cover the blue. Here's a shot of the trees in progress:

Tree work

   And here is the final product! The tree goes behind that dresser all the way to the ground. 

All done

   Hopefully the boys enjoy it!

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