Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday WTF: Bird of Prey

   Recumbent not weird enough for you? Want that kicked in the guts with every bump feeling? Check out the Bird of Prey:

a new offering from the people that brought you this monstrosity:

"I'm glad you can't see my face."

   All the pros are getting into it.

"I wish I could ride like this all the time..."

The Bird of Prey people claim:

*Fastest bicycle for racing and triathlons - also fastest way to lose what little cycling respect these athletes have
*Aerodynamic - I'll give you that one
*Low center of gravity - hit the ground sooner
*Cross-training - hahaha what?
*Never go over the handlebars - go through them
*No more lower back pain or discomfort - only discomfort everywhere else
*Each bicycle custom fit for customer - this explains the $7000 - $9000 price tag

   You want video? here you go. Who can criticize a bike that has the endorsement of such athletes of the local Hooters hostess?


   Get it? Wings.. Bird of Prey... hot wings are served at Hooters. Maybe the marketing over at Bird of Prey is smarter than we though...

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