Monday, November 2, 2015

CX 2015 Season Update

   This season I'm trying to race a lot, so every weekend I've been getting after it. There have been a half dozen races, and here are the cliff notes: (All images grabbed from respective photo sites you can find here.)

Ryolite Park (Season Opener) - Castle Rock, CO
Running the barriers

The Good: Season opener! Rode the Cannondale for the last time.
The Bad: Did a brewery tour the day before and spent 10 min after the race dry heaving. 
The Result: 18/40
Comments: I'll take that finish for the first race on a pretty challenging course. Got some fun water hand ups from Calvin.

Cyclo X Valmont
Coming off from the run up

The Good: First race on the Norco
The Bad: Worst result this season
The Result: 30/50
Comments: The first race on the Norco, riding it pretty stock. Wasn't able to keep it together this race and got passed. A lot. Wandered around like a lost child after the race for a while. 

Cyclo X Boulder Res
Another barrier shot

The Good: Great weather, no flats, no crashes.
The Bad: Lots of running through the sand.
The Result: 6/35
Comments: My best finish so far! The sand turned out to be a great advantage for me, I guess. 

Amy D Memorial Arapahoe High School
Thanks to Kim for this shot

Crash aftermath

The Good: Super fun, technical course
The Bad: Crashed twice from being too aggressive
The Result: 10/40
Comments: Got the Norco set up how I like it. Went down twice, once had to straighten my bars and that cost me a place or two. Really enjoyed this course, didn't seem to favor anyone. 

Cross of the North - Fort Collins
No Images this time

The Good: Technical, hot race
The Bad: 3 challenging climbs up a hill, got passed right at the finish
The Result: 12/40
Comments: Had a pretty solid race considering the hills. Rode a pretty technical run up which made me happy. 

US Open of CX Valmont
Coming out of the sand pit

The Good: Awesome weather, felt great on a challenging course, got 2 upgrade points!
The Bad: Weird start with 40+ 4's
The Result: 5/50
Comments: The start was chaos and I was able to put a lot of guys from the 40+ between me and the rest of the class, and held onto a top 5 for the race, really happy with that. 

Cyclo X Flatirons
Picture best illustrates how I felt

The Good: Felt technically smooth and confident.
The Bad: Got beat up pretty bad on a couple hills.
The Result: 10/45
Comments: Focussed on not crashing and racing smooth, worked out with a top ten finish. 

   For my first season of racing seriously, I'm really happy. I've been riding with some fun guys, getting reasonable results and having a great time.  The remaining races are mostly the rest of the Cyclo X series, and a few odd races here and there. Only about 5 weeks left! 

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