Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sienna Lake Results (Or Lack Thereof)

   You can probably tell from the title, Sienna Lake did not go as planned. After finding a crack in my Norco, I ended up racing the Cannondale on Saturday. The bike performed admirably, making me wonder how much difference the bike makes in the end. But that didn't matter, because I didn't even finish.

Early corner

    There was a pretty nasty sidewalk we crossed over and at the end of the race, apathy got the better of me. I didn't hop up like I should have, resulting in a pinch flat. It was really frustrating. This race had a pretty terrible rate of attrition, with almost 1/3 of the class DNFing. 

CAT 4 Results

   The course was a ton of fun though, with mud, ditches and hills. Here's the entrance to the ditch.

Me, not crashing

   I am pretty happy with my riding up until the flat. I didn't crash and was sitting 10th when things went south. Can't say the same for these folks:


   Next week is the big bad Bowl if Death at Louisville, last race of the Cyclo X series, should have the Norco back, and am eager to race. And not let a pinch flat end it early!

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