Monday, February 22, 2016

Target Gets into the Fat Bike Game

   Having posted about the Target 29er and the Target fixed gear, it was only a matter of time before we saw the Target fat bike. While shopping for a scented candle for a birthday present for my friend, I came across this fantastic effort by Triax of a single speed fat bike. 

Triax Fracture

   On paper it seems like an ok bike: Steel frame, drilled rims, disc brakes. In reality, it's a little more bleak than that. 

Drilled aluminum rims

   The frame is pretty weighty, things like monstrous dropouts and entry level components drive the scale up big time. The brake levers are plastic, and the drivetrain is mostly stamped metal.


   The driver behind quality issues are here:

Screaming deal?

I do like the part that says, "Roll me to the register, I'm ready to go!"

   Is it a good deal? I have to say yes. $250 for a bike that will do exactly what you expect a $250 bike to do. Probably fun in the snow and will last as long as someone has interest in it. If this was going to be used as a foundation for upgrade, I think you'd be pretty well set. Some better brakes, easier gears and eventually nicer wheels and you might have yourself a reputable ride, if not reliable. 

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