Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cannondale CERV

   When it comes to concept bikes, Cannondale is no stranger to new designs. Heck, even their production bikes are often a little weird looking.

Cannondale Slice RS

   They have plenty of strange looking concept bikes, like this TT bike with some kind of rollerblade front wheel.

Cannondale Pong

   I stumbled across this on Gizmag the other day, and it's cool for a couple reasons. But first, check the bike out:

Cannondale CERV

   This is the CERV, which stands for Continuously Ergonomic Race Vehicle. It debuted at Eurobike in 2012. This thing is supposed to adapt the seating position to the terrain. The bars slide up and down depending if you're climbing or descending. 

   What I really like was seeing this prototype:


   I love seeing things mid way through development like this. Considering how complicated the final design was, it's neat to see something that is pretty hacked together.

X-ray shot

   Sadly, I could't find any shots of the bike in use, which makes me thing the above final version may only exist digitally, bummer. 

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