Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday WtF: Vintage BMX Ads

   When BMX was really coming on the scene, there was no shortage of period accurate advertisements to get you excited about tight pants, short shorts and low cut tops... and all on guys. 

   "World class." My question is - is the rider just sending a huge drop onto the flat? RIP ankles.

Mongoose bikes

   "Victory is Sweet." As sweet as those golden locks?

Pro Am frames

   Making a Paul Simon reference to the alternative crowd seems like doomed campaign.

Vans shoes

   "Be hot like Mongoose dudes Travis Chipres, Eric Rupe and Sam Arellano." ... next week on Miami Vice. Also, so many pastel shirts.

Mongoose bikes

   Who thinks this is appealing to potential buyers?

Robinson bikes

   On the other hand, sell it with affordability: "The price tag says semi-econo, but the ride says luxury."


   What is it with BMX and jumping cars? Luckily these days ads just have talented guys throwing huge tricks:

Geoff Slattery of United

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