Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Electric Assist Trailer

   Electric assist is changing the way people ride bikes. Daily commuter electric bikes make traveling by bicycle more convenient. Not without controversy, Moab put a blanket ban on electric bikes on the surrounding trails. Even the big boys like Cannondale, Specialized and Trek are making electric bikes.
   Whether you like e-bikes or not, combining electric assist and cargo bike capability opens a lot of opportunities. Check out Cargo Carla. They make trailers that has an electric assist built in.

Cargo Carla

   The trailer has wheel in the front providing a lot of stability, a low design further keeping the load stable and a braking system to keep everything under control. The design means that it can easily be uncoupled from the bike and used as a pallet jack style hand cart.

Hand cart mode

Some of the facts:
- Because of the three wheels, it is super diverse.
- It is mounted on almost any bike at the seat post, and unmounted just as easily.
- Their site boasts an impressive 300 pound weight limit.
- The electric wheel is a hub mounted model that has a proven effectiveness in the market already.
- In addition to poewr, it has brakes, giving far more control over the heavy loads.

Lumber hauler

Check out a video of it in action here:

In action

   With a price tag of just shy of $3k, it is not an investment to be taken lightly, but for the right application, might be the perfect choice.

In the wild

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