Monday, June 3, 2013

Is it a Shelf? Is it a Table?

    With more time on the couch, we've started needing more tables! Confidence bolstered by the success of my last table project, I  decided to put one behind the couch. This way, if Calvin wants to set his G&T down, he doesn't have to reach all the way to the foot rest.
   Here's a mock up of what we were looking at:

The 'unfinished' look (read: lazy)

   This was a really straightforward build, 3 pieces of wood, 6 cuts, 6 screws.

   The table isn't fastened to the wall, it's just held in place by the couch. The moulding on the floor also had to be cut out of the legs. Since it's not really visible, I just chopped off enough so it wold fit against the wall.

   And that's it! Now we don't have to worry about the dog knocking over drinks, or ice cream being too far away to reach. 

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