Friday, December 21, 2012

Shelves, Shelves Shelves!

   Ongoing project: Garage has been making some serious headway. This was a two part project: One was hanging all these milk crates. I got all these at a yard sale and use them for storing various tools and parts. The second was replacing the existing shelves that use this terrible bracket system. The problem with the brackets is that they aren't terribly strong and they take up space I want to use for a tool board.

Shelves in place

   I am pretty happy with how easy these went up. And as Natalie can attest, I went full Geoff-level decision crisis trying to decide how exactly to hang them. 

Crates galore!

   Next came the other shelves. First I replaced the existing wood, which was some kind of MDF that was really heavy, with some lighter plywood. I also replaced the L brackets with a simple framing system. These were here when we moved in and they were terrible! The screws were barely long enough to reach through the drywall! Oh man these things were an accident waiting to happen. Anyways, took it all down:

Lousy shelves!

Framing out the new shelves

   All done and mounted and packed with stuff! One of the nice things is that I screwed the shelf onto the frame. This acts like a monocoque, giving the whole thing a lot of strength  I can climb up on these.

Sweet, sweet organization

So far we have: 
- Shelves

Last part is to take my tools out of the boxes they were in and hang them up in some useful manor. Here I had the boards laid out to figure how the tools would be organized. You can also see the light I hung under the shelf to work by.

Like a blank canvas

The space is about 8' x 3', which is a lot more room than the old tool board. I next laid out all the tools I wanted to hang and marked where the hanging nail would go with a sharpie.

Tools laid out flat

After hammering in all the nails, I screwed the boards to the wall and begun hanging up the my tools. I'm really happy with the increased space, everything isn't as tight and there's room for even more tools! Yeah!

That's everything from this (lengthy) update! 

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